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Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy)

As our people believe that “a Serb is called a wolf” if he is brave, strong, dangerous, lonely and yet sociable and family person, that he conquers, is free and wild, so Vučija rakija (Wolf Brandy) is a true homemade Serbian brandy, which has not changed its original character, despite adapting to modern conditions and times.



How are we producing S-original brandies made of 100% fruit? Ripe, cleaned fruits are milled, and their fermentation in stainless steel vessels takes place slowly, to preserve the precious fragrance of fruit. After fermentation, the fermented pomace is distilled, which requires the highest expertise in the whole process of production of these brandies. Fresh clear and colorless brandy ages for 6 months in vessels for distillate aging, and afterwards it goes for packaging in distinctive packaging. Using the best varieties and thorough production process, we maintain the value of tradition and the quality of the homemade Serbian brandy. Net volume: 0.7L.

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Mistique liqueurs

Mystical drink for a true lady! With its superior quality and luxury packaging, it creates an atmosphere of glamor and elegance. Mistique liqueurs have a variety of applications: as a standalone drink, in cocktails, as topping for ice cream or other treats. Net volume: 0.7L.


Balkan vodka, produced from the highest-quality imported wheat alcohol, is a full satisfaction for the lovers of spirits, either consumed neat, with lemon and ice or as an ingredient in a cocktail. Alcohol content of 40%. Net volume: 1L (glass / PET); 0.5/0.1L PET.

Sophistication of OPET vodka is in its specific and yet completely fresh flavor. It is perfect for cocktails. Alcohol content is 40%. Net volume: 0.7L (glass).

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Pelinkovac is a bitter liqueur made from a combination of extracts of 27 carefully selected aromatic plants, where the wormwood is especially dominant, because it gives it a specific and harmonious flavor. The perfect aperitif for every occasion! It is consumed chilled, with or without ice and a slice of lemon. It is an integral part of many cocktails. Alcohol content: 28%. Net volume: 1L and 0.75 (glass); 1L/0.5L/0.1L PET.

Monastery Plum

Monastery Plum – a traditional Serbian brandy produced from specially selected varieties of plum. Due to its strong character and flavor, it has a special place among the brandies. Alcohol content: 50%. Net volume: 1L and 0.5L (glass) and 0.1L PET.

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Travarica (Herb brandy)

Travarica (Herb brandy), whose base is plum brandy, is enriched with 7 herbs: sage, mint, wormwood, hyssop, lemon balm, juniper and St. John’s wort, and they give this brandy a distinctive and recognizable flavor. It is consumed as an aperitif and is one of the traditional medicines. It has very enjoyable flavor, a mild bitterness and aroma derived from herbs. Alcohol content: 40%. Net volume: 1L (glass) and 0.1L PET.


Vermouth is a sweet alcoholic drink based on flavored white wine, of Chardonnay variety. Wormwood aroma gives it a refined bitter note. It is a favorite drink of ladies at social events. It is consumed neat, with ice and lemon and often the glass is decorated with a sugar wreath. It is used as an ingredient for vodka cocktails and in the kitchen for the preparation of sauces for fish and meat, or as topping for ice cream and cakes. Alcohol content: 15%. Net volume: 1L (glass).

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How to drink brandy?

Brandy is primarily drunk in a way that you enjoy it, feel all the aromas and fullness of flavor. Traditionally, in our nation, brandy is drunk as an aperitif, in few sips, after which a light meal is recommended in the form of broth or soup. It should never be drunk during meals. It can be drunk as a digestive, after meals, with pastries, cakes, strudel and coffee.

In modern times, fruit brandies are increasingly being used as an ingredient for many cocktails. And of course, the traditional brandy has always been considered a medicine among Serbian people.

Lozovača (Grape brandy)

Grape brandy or Lozovača is obtained by distilling fermented pomace of selected grapes. It is colorless and contains 40 or 45% alcohol.

Lozovača (Grape brandy) 40%. Net volume: 1L glass/PET; 0.5L PET.
Lozovača (Grape brandy) 45%. Net volume: 1L glass/PET; 0.5L PET; 0.1L PET.

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Plum brandy

Traditional Serbian brandy is made of specially selected varieties of plums.

Plum brandy 40%. Net volume: 1L glass/PET; 0.5L PET
Plum brandy 45%. Net volume: 1L glass/PET; 0.5L PET
Plum brandy Brka 45%. Net volume: 1L glass/PET; 0.5L PET; 0.1L PET.

Napoleon, Piratski bum i Kruškovac

Napoleon: 40%; Net volume: 1L glass
Piratski Bum: 40%; Net volume: 1L glass; 0,5L, 0,1L PET
Kruškovac: 25%; Net volume: 1L glass

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