“S-original brandies (rakias)-The Value of a Tradition.
S-original brandies make the selection of natural fruit brandies, such as the Williams Pear Brandy, the Quince Brandy, the Apricot Brandy, the Plum Brandy, all recognisable for their superb quality, a general trait of all the “Simex” Company products. “

  • Plum Brandy

    This particular brandy is the result of our desire to “bottle” the tradition and wealth of the Serbia’s Šumadija plum orchards

  • Apricot Brandy

    The S-original Apricot Brandy is a natural fruit brandy (rakia) made from the best apricot fruit.

  • Quince Brandy

    The S-original Quince Brandy is a natural fruit brandy which is currently our most popular product.

  • Williams Pear Brandy

    The S-original Williams Pear Brandy is natural fruit brandy made using the famous and prized Williams pear sort.

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